own your story,

share your truth.

Our stories hold more weight than we give them credit for. Am I right? Our stories are designed to inform, encourage, empower, heal, and TRANSFORM! Lives are being impacted every day, not because we’re all experts in writing, but simply because someone was bold enough to share their truth. There is no more time to hold off on telling yours. Let’s write the book!

1.The Book Writing and Self-Publishing Live Online Course

For aspiring nonfiction authors and children’s book authors, in this 4-week live course, you will be coached and walked through both the book writing and self-publishing processes in their entirety with me as your instructor. Whether you’ve just started your book or are in the middle of writing it, you will walk away from this course with the necessary tools, resources, and support to write your book, self-publish your book, and establish yourself as an authority in your industry and in your career. Throughout this course, you will receive not just information, but also lessons and activities to enforce implementation to ensure you understand the processes and are confident and knowledgeable enough to put out a second book. You will also receive ongoing personalized feedback to get every one of your questions and concerns addressed. For more information about this service, book a 30-minute call with me HERE to discuss the major milestones you’ll accomplish in this course and how to enroll! Registration for Sept-Oct’s class closes Saturday, September 14th.

2.Self-Publishing Coach

Hire me as your Self-Publishing Coach and I’ll handle the entire self-publishing process for you. This is for writers whose manuscripts are complete or close to being completed. I’ll also be taking care of the additional professional services you’ll need including your cover designer, editor, and interior designer. For more information about this service, book a 30-minute call with me HERE to discuss your exact needs and to get you signed up! Please have your manuscript handy to help enhance our conversation. 


Writers signed up for either service will also become a part of our private community with other like-minded writers to connect and receive the support and encouragement needed to stay the course and get their book published!

I look forward to working with you!


Check out this video for the benefits of Self-Publishing your book!