Dear Past Self

Dear Past Self,

You don't have to go back there. Your flesh may tell you otherwise. The world may try to convince you you're doing it all wrong, but you don't have to go back there. God doesn't dwell in the was. He's moved on to your when, and has forgiven you of every one of your sins. He's washed you and cleansed you and has given you new life. Move on from what God is intending to be left behind. 

What's holding you back anyway? Is it your own guilt? A broken heart? Loneliness? Have you become impatient? Maybe you've been giving too much attention to what others think of you versus what God thinks of you? Perhaps you've been ignoring God this entire time... Have you lost total faith? 

Whatever the case, declare right now.. "I am not that same person. My past will no longer interrupt the calling over my life!"

-- let go, let god. walk in your newness and: 

- Don't Ignore God's S I G N S

It took several signs for me to finally get this.. to finally wake up. I was constantly ignoring the signs God sent me to get rid of unGodly habits, to remove myself from toxic relationships and environments, to not settle, to not get ahead of His timing and plan for my life, to love more on those who were of and from Him, and more importantly, to begin seeking Him FIRST in all that I did.

I was disobedient and thought I could figure things out on my own. I thought I had control over my own life. I thought I knew what was best. But what I failed to realize was.. I was wrong, and if I continued to disregard the signs, if I continued to go against everything God’s word teaches us, I was heading straight for destruction. Some signs were obvious, some more subtle, and some hurt just a little worse than others. But as I began to seek God more and more and pray for discernment and understanding and the ability to know His voice from others, the signs became less easier to just brush to the side, regardless of how I felt. I knew the consequences if I continued to disobey Him and I learned to listen. I listened and became less confused. My life became less cluttered and it began to make a lot more sense. I encourage all of you reading this to stop ignoring the signs. Whatever those may be.. say “Yes!” to God. Be obedient. Listen.

God may be telling you to be still in this season, or is asking you to remove yourself from a particular relationship, or may even be trying to tell you to accept that job miles away from home. Whatever it may be, these signs serve a purpose.. a very specific purpose at that! Did you know you have a calling over your life? My friend, God loves and cares SO much about you and only wants the very best for you. He is ready to use you and take you to the next level of your life, but the question is, will you let Him? God can’t do all He wants to do in you and through you if He can’t trust you to obey Him. He can’t use you if you're not deciding to choose Him, over and above ALL ELSE. So, please, pay attention to the signs. Don’t ignore them. Pray and ask God for an open ear and clear eye to be able to recognize the signals. You got this. I trust God’s got great things in store for you! 


- S U B M I T

This is SOOOO important! If you are ready to let go of your old ways and unGodly habits.. SUBMIT. God’s strategy to providing you with a fulfilled life is SUBMISSION. I had to work hard at this and be very intentional at it. It’s not easy, but I promise you, it’s worth it. Submission is getting at the very feet of God, on your knees and asking Him to change everything about you, inside and out. Submission is seeking His will for your life, DAILY. It’s being completely vulnerable and honest and asking God to create in you a clean and new heart so that you may be more like Him in ALL of your ways. Submission is seeking righteousness and yearning to be more like God in the way that you walk, talk, love, serve, and treat others. Ask God for forgiveness of your past and sinful ways; repent. Our God forgives and provides us with new mercies!! He does not treat us as our sins deserve! How wonderful is that!?

If you let him, He WILL change you. So, make the effort to build your relationship with God. Make submission your lifestyle and make the decision to spend the rest of your days abiding by His word and His will for you. Our Heavenly Father who sees what is done in secret, will reward you. Acknowledge that He is God and that you desperately need Him. Spend the time, take your time, then listen.

Pray. Meditate on His word. Fast. Serve. Obey.

Revelation, clarity, purpose, peace, joy, love, strength and wisdom awaits your submission. An entirely new you awaits your submission!  


Stay encouraged, friend! Your past has been used only to prove to you that you absolutely can not do this alone. Let go and let God heal and restore you. He is on your side. I believe and want you to believe with me that you have been made new in Christ! Your very BEST days lie ahead


I'd like to leave you with this prayer.. a prayer for renewal and letting go of the past. Hope this heals. God bless <3 


Prayer for the Past:  

Heavenly Father, thank You for Your grace. Thank You for Your mercy over my life and for giving me brand new life. Thank You for Your faithfulness and for Your forgiveness.

Father, help me to move on from my past. Help me to release and let go of anything unlike You. Search and circumcise my heart and remove anything that stands in the way of me getting closer to You. Renew my mind and spirit, Lord so that I may be more like You.

Help me to be strong in my faith, BOLD in my faith and accept the new You are trying to do in me and through me. Heal me from my past mistakes and help me to be renewed in strength. Help me to not ignore the signs. Help me to learn to discern Your voice from other voices and to learn to follow Your will for my life. Order my footsteps, Heavenly Father, lead and guide me. Teach me to submit unto You in ALL areas of my life and to walk righteously, keeping my heart and mind stayed only on You. 

Thank You for new beginnings, Father. I love You so much! In Jesus name I pray, amen! 


Love Always,

-Asha Olivia.

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