Asha is a Speaker, Writer and the Founder of 'Letters to God: A Message to God, for God'. She was born and raised in Atlanta, GA and since a little girl, has always had a love and passion for speaking, writing and serving others. She went on to further develop her skills and interests by attending University of Missouri - Columbia where she received her degree in Journalism and Psychology. Post-grad life, Asha found herself stuck at a job she disliked, committed to people and things unlike God.. completely lost, unfulfilled and confused. She felt herself going backwards rather than forward.

She was hurt. She was insecure. She was purposeless. 

After being completely fed up with just going through the motions day after day, Asha quit her job and made the decision to pursue her CALLING. She became intentional about her life, those around her, and more importantly, her relationship with God. Asha soon saw a post on Instagram that changed her life forever. She saw one of her biggest inspirations, Heather Lindsey, post a letter to God. In this letter, she addressed God as her 'Daddy' and used that piece of paper to be REAL and pour her heart out to God completely. The very next day, January 5, 2017, Asha went and purchased three journals of her own and wrote her very first letter. She wrote the next day, the day after, and the day after that. The feeling that came over her while writing and after writing was indescribable. She knew God was there; she knew He was looking right over her shoulder reading every single word written on that paper, and she knew He was soon going to answer every one of those prayers. 

After continuing to write, pray, read God's word and spend every single day connecting and developing a relationship with Christ, new beginnings formed. God revealed purpose. He revealed to her, her mission. She now hosts her event titled ‘Letters to God: A Message to God, for God’ once a month, serves in her church as the Young Adult Leader, and travels to speak and share the Good News with others.